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# Project Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Updated
88 coreboot Bug New Normal Some issues with coreboot on T420 (touchpad and phone jack) 04/28/2020 06:34 PM Actions
86 coreboot Bug New Normal board support IRQ errors precede slow down of tape I/O, via SCSI and PCI/PCIe bridge Timothy Pearson 06/06/2017 06:31 PM Actions
85 coreboot Bug New Normal board support Suspend does not work on the X220t 11/21/2017 08:07 PM Actions
84 coreboot Bug New Normal kgpe-d16: coreboot and seabios boot with C1 and G1 slots empty, but grub hangs Timothy Pearson 05/13/2017 09:46 PM Actions
83 coreboot Bug New Normal KGPE-D16 - Only one (or zero) out of two PCIe 10 Gigabit ethernet devices functional Timothy Pearson 06/06/2017 06:30 PM Actions
80 coreboot Bug New Normal Screen garbled in Seabios, does not boot, Kernel panic (X60) 04/14/2017 01:04 PM Actions
76 coreboot Feature New Normal Let abuild work from config files instead of deriving everything by itself Martin Roth 09/27/2016 05:48 PM Actions
75 coreboot Bug New Normal Lenovo X200 Ultrabase often isn't detected unless woken with it attached 09/25/2016 10:22 AM Actions
74 coreboot Feature New Normal Lenovo X200 Mute button mutes with the EC, not in software 08/17/2017 02:26 PM Actions
73 coreboot Bug New Normal board support Lenovo X200 BT light is permanently off when UWB (3rd mPCIE slot) is enabled 06/08/2017 10:03 AM Actions
72 coreboot Bug New Normal Provide better a error message when trying to use missing blobs in a non-git tree 09/29/2016 07:46 PM Actions
69 coreboot Bug New Normal board support Mute button doesn't issue a scancode with coreboot 04/24/2017 03:33 PM Actions
66 coreboot Bug New Normal rmodule_copy_payload() does not initialize unused memory Aaron Durbin 05/16/2017 10:03 PM Actions
65 coreboot Feature New Normal userspace utilities Linux version of nvramcui 08/11/2016 05:20 PM Actions
61 coreboot Bug Response Needed Normal Bluetooth light on X200 06/08/2017 10:30 AM Actions
57 coreboot Feature Feedback Normal board support Create build rule for ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe 06/19/2016 06:51 AM Actions
56 coreboot Feature New Normal 16GB DIMM support on Sandy/Ivy Bridge 08/11/2017 07:13 AM Actions
55 coreboot Bug New Normal copy lzint decompress from phnxsplit into python phonix_extract 05/18/2016 10:59 PM Actions
49 coreboot Bug New Normal infrastructure does not check git identity 07/08/2020 05:34 PM Actions
46 coreboot Bug New Normal F2A85-M reports false temperatures 04/25/2016 07:10 PM Actions
39 coreboot Feature New Normal Enable OS-level flashing of coreboot for ThinkPad T410/X201 08/10/2017 08:49 AM Actions
38 coreboot Feature New Normal tp_smapi support on ThinkPads Alexander Couzens 01/02/2018 11:07 PM Actions
30 coreboot Bug New Normal board-status allows invalid uploads 02/04/2016 09:52 PM Actions
29 coreboot Feature New Normal board-status should reject uploads with incorrect DMI string 02/03/2016 09:24 PM Actions
28 coreboot Feature New Normal board-status should reject duplicate uploads 03/24/2016 07:18 AM Actions
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