Bug #129

KGPE-D16 fails to boot

Added by Timothy Pearson about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/14/2017
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Category:board supportEstimated time:5.00 h
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Somewhere between GIT hash 0f3a18ad28b3d44e57806e5d77f15f04acd05543 and GIT hash a04aa3d5662149b70f31e0e6584bd8c6087b5f3b, the KGPE-D16 boot broke. GIT hash a04aa3d5662149b70f31e0e6584bd8c6087b5f3b doesn't appear to function at a bootblock level; no POST codes are displayed and no serial output appears. I have not yet completed a bisect between these revisions; volunteers are welcome!


#1 Updated by Paul Menzel almost 3 years ago

From user tpearson in #coreboot@irc.freenode.net:

Normally I'd say yes, but in the past couple of weeks I saw the exact same behaviour on a second board under manual test -- no logs of any kind, no POST codes, apparent hang in or around bootblock
that particular failure comes and goes randomly with coreboot revision

#2 Updated by Iru Cai almost 3 years ago

I can boot to Linux payload with commit 588c2c42c3609785e3856f76bab884ff563b40ca. Is it fixed now?

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