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01:59 PM coreboot Feature #476: Add option to convert coreboot-inited linear frame buffer to efifb directly
persmule proposes [lib: Hook the FB setting function for Linux to payload loading routine](https://review.coreboot.or... Paul Menzel


08:08 AM coreboot Bug #499: coreboot will not boot edk2 on Lenovo T440p with CONFIG_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN enabled, cannot disable this setting during build
Thank you for your report.
As you explicitly mention EDK2 (TianoCore), did you test another payload like SeaBIOS o...
Paul Menzel


08:50 AM coreboot Bug #478: X200 booting Linux takes a long time with TSC (`clocksource=hpet` works)
Robert, thank you for providing all the information. As an update, on people suggested it m... Paul Menzel


09:26 PM coreboot Cleanup #480 (New): amd/common/acpi/gpio_bank_lib.asl: IASL remarks: Creation of named objects within a method is highly inefficient, use globals or method local variables instead
Building AMD boards using AMD common code like *google/kahlee (Careena)* or *google/myst*, IASL show the remarks belo... Paul Menzel


08:54 AM coreboot Other #314: Please disable 'administrator approval' on
@akjuxr3, do you know of a solution to prevent the creation of spam accounts? Paul Menzel


08:42 AM coreboot Bug #446: Optiplex 9010 No Post
> built coreboot as usual against the Optiplex 9010 SFF platform in menuconfig
Does the “as usual” mean it worked ...
Paul Menzel


11:50 AM coreboot Bug #445: Thinkpad X200 wifi issue
Thank you for providing these files. As it’s a PCIe card, please also attach the output of `lspci -nn`, `lspci -tv` a... Paul Menzel


10:59 PM coreboot Bug #445: Thinkpad X200 wifi issue
Please attach the `.config` and the coreboot logs (`cbmem -1`) and Linux logs (`dmesg`). Paul Menzel


05:27 AM coreboot Bug #414: X9SAE-V: No USB keyboard init with SeaBIOS while using Radeon RX 6800XT
[Everyone, when replying please remember to remove the full citation and to use interleaved style, when replying to i... Paul Menzel


06:04 AM coreboot Bug #412: x230 reboots on suspend
Please attach the coreboot console messages from a normal boot, and from resuming from suspend to RAM.
In GNU/Linu...
Paul Menzel

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