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  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/31/2017)


Reported issues: 27


09:46 AM coreboot Bug #244: Bootblock size inflated by over 1000%
Kyösti replied in
> C_ENV_BOOTBLOCK_SIZE 0x4000 is probably enough, unless some debugg...


10:26 AM coreboot Bug #179 (Closed): coreboot Makefile breaks when the path to the coreboot directory contains spaces


09:37 AM coreboot Bug #168 (Feedback): make -j5 is incompatible with SeaBIOS payload
Is it a permission issue? What does `ls -l payloads/external/SeaBIOS/seabios/.git/index.lock` return, when you do *no...


10:40 AM coreboot Bug #81 (Closed): Unable to build coreboot with any payload other than SeaBIOS
In contrast to the other payloads, SeaBIOS does not use Autotools.
The GRUB build failed with the error below.


08:48 AM coreboot Bug #121: T520: Hangs in OS
Please contact the flashrom mailing list for the flashrom issue as it’s unrelated to the coreboot bug tracker and the...


02:06 PM coreboot Feature #203: LVFS support
Thank you for creating the issue. The problem is, that this is outside of coreboot’s scope.
First, the coreboot pr...


09:49 AM coreboot Bug #167: X201 restarts rather than waking up
Thank you for your reply. Arthur debugged this, and it’s not a bug in SeaBIOS, but coreboot. You need to use latest c...


12:59 PM coreboot Bug #96: Configured log level in Kconfig not honored
Indeed, it’s the current behavior that this CMOS setting does not apply to romstage.


11:07 AM coreboot Bug #167 (Closed): X201 restarts rather than waking up
The underlying problem needs still be fixing in my opinion. But it’s not clear yet, if it’s coreboot’s or SeaBIOS’ fa...


01:42 PM coreboot Feature #164 (Resolved): intel/i945: Do not initialize graphics during S3
Needs testing.

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