Paul Menzel


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/31/2017)


Reported issues: 27


12:59 PM coreboot Bug #96: Configured log level in Kconfig not honored
Indeed, it’s the current behavior that this CMOS setting does not apply to romstage.


11:07 AM coreboot Bug #167 (Closed): X201 restarts rather than waking up
The underlying problem needs still be fixing in my opinion. But it’s not clear yet, if it’s coreboot’s or SeaBIOS’ fa...


01:42 PM coreboot Feature #164 (Resolved): intel/i945: Do not initialize graphics during S3
Needs testing.


09:14 AM coreboot Feature #164 (Resolved): intel/i945: Do not initialize graphics during S3
On the Lenovo X60t with Intel 945 chipset, initializing the graphics device takes around 90 ms.
> PCI: 00:02.0 ini...


10:51 AM coreboot Feature #156 (New): [thinkpad] Implement battery recalibration in ACPI
“This could also be implemented in ACPI such that this can be achieved with the tpacpi-bat tools.” [1]
[1]: https:...


11:18 AM coreboot Bug #150 (Resolved): payloads/external/SeaBIOS/seabios/.config:3:warning: symbol value '' invalid...
I had a AMD Kahlee configuration lying around, updating coreboot tree, and rebuild it, but couldn’t do to an error wi...


04:34 PM coreboot Bug #146 (New): build/util/kconfig/ file not recognized: File truncated
Building coreboot in parallel with 160 threads, the build fails with the error below. The board `google/elm` is built...
12:59 PM coreboot Bug #145 (New): Cross-building *futility* on ppc64le fails
Building the board Google Elm on a ppc64le system fails with the error below. coreboot toolchain 1.50 from October 15...


10:36 AM coreboot Bug #127 (Closed): intel/stargo2: Enabling time-stamp collection breaks the build
The change was submitted to the master branch.


11:34 AM coreboot Bug #144 (Closed): Unsorted mainboard entries in Kconfig *Mainboard* section
In Kconfig, going to *Mainboard*, and choose *Google* boards. The board names are not sorted, and therefore hard to l...

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