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06:48 PM coreboot Bug #495 (Resolved): Stoney chromebooks not booting PSPSecureOS -- Graphics driver takes 30 minutes to start
Patch was merged 2 months ago and there has been no further update. Marking as resolved. Martin Roth


12:06 AM coreboot Feature #500: coreboot bootsplash only supports jpeg and does not support extended resolutions
Changing to a feature request and unassigning from Patrick.
I believe this is currently working as designed. It co...
Martin Roth


05:25 PM coreboot Other #492 (New): Evaluate changes which need to be made to support Intel's X86S ISA changes
This past week, Intel announced a plan to boot directly to 64-bit mode[1].
While the timeline released with the anno...
Martin Roth


10:37 PM coreboot Cleanup #490 (New): Verify copyrights on files with BSD, X11, MIT, HPND, and ISC licenses
Files with these licenses contain a phrase similar to "provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies... Martin Roth
02:54 AM coreboot Other #479: [legal] ISC License copyright violation in ubsan
See Martin Roth
02:47 AM coreboot Other #479: [legal] ISC License copyright violation in ubsan
Hi Jonas - We discussed this in a leadership meeting and agree with you, these should not have been removed. Unfortun... Martin Roth


10:37 PM coreboot Bug #475: mainboard_vbt_filename() in src/mainboard/lenovo/x200/blc.c does not work as intended
Can this be closed now? Martin Roth


09:08 PM coreboot Bug #484: No USB keyboard support with secondary payloads coreinfo, nvramcui, tint and probably others as well
We can make libpayload configs for specific platforms instead of using the default. Maybe that's what we should do he... Martin Roth
09:03 PM coreboot Bug #446: Optiplex 9010 No Post
Hi Aaron, any update on this bug? Martin Roth
09:01 PM coreboot Bug #445 (Closed): Thinkpad X200 wifi issue
Marking as resolved, but we should look at a better method of making sure the GPIOs for an individual platform have t... Martin Roth

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