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01:12 AM coreboot Bug #536 (In Progress): Cannot build coreboot-sdk
Pushed to switch from debian sid to debian stable.
If/After that's me...
Martin Roth


03:04 PM coreboot Bug #536: Cannot build coreboot-sdk
I just tested this, and was able to reproduce your result with the current dockerfile. I then broke the dockerfile in... Martin Roth


04:51 AM coreboot Bug #415: RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN breaks booting
Is this fixed now? Martin Roth
04:50 AM coreboot Documentation #426 (Resolved): Document existing and added TPM event log formats and PCR usage
Fixed. - Documentation/ document new TPM options
Martin Roth
04:45 AM coreboot Feature #425 (Resolved): Add parsing of new TPM event log formats to cbmem utility
Fixed: - util/cbmem: add parsing of TPM logs per specs Martin Roth
04:36 AM coreboot Bug #431 (Closed): fix src/arch/x86/smbios issues
These issues are not harmful and have been marked as intentional in coverity. Martin Roth
04:35 AM coreboot Bug #444: Flaky gitconfig tests are breaking builds
These tests are disabled and will be deleted unless fixed. Martin Roth
04:28 AM coreboot Bug #475 (Resolved): mainboard_vbt_filename() in src/mainboard/lenovo/x200/blc.c does not work as intended
Martin Roth
04:27 AM coreboot Feature #485 (Rejected): Request for Support for Intel Xeon 1700 D Processor Family in Coreboot(Ice Lake)
Martin Roth
04:26 AM coreboot Other #479 (Resolved): [legal] ISC License copyright violation in ubsan
Martin Roth

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