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06:41 PM coreboot Feature #435: Add the new memtest86+ v6.0 as secondary coreboot payload
Initial work:
I'll look at finishing this up in the next week or so.
Martin Roth


02:11 AM coreboot Bug #431 (New): fix src/arch/x86/smbios issues
There are currently 20 coverity issues affecting smbios code in src/arch/x86/smbios*
Martin Roth
02:03 AM coreboot Bug #430 (New): Fix util/cbfstool coverity issues
There are currently 25 coverity issues against files in the util/cbfstool directory:
Martin Roth


08:09 PM coreboot Support #387: Support Framework Laptop
Hey Jun, Please don't misunderstand any of this as hostility - it's definitely not meant that way.
I think we all ...
Martin Roth
03:10 PM coreboot Support #387: Support Framework Laptop
Can we find out who the framework laptops were supplied to? It's great that these individuals have agreed to work on... Martin Roth


03:11 PM coreboot Bug #118: Kconfig defines symbols with unmet dependencies
I'll look at updating to the latest kconfig version from the kernel.
- Update Kconfig documentation
- Update Kcon...
Martin Roth


07:46 PM coreboot Bug #72: Provide better a error message when trying to use missing blobs in a non-git tree
What about adding an integer "REQUIRES_BLOBS" kconfig option that can be set in chipsets or boards that have blobby r... Martin Roth
07:33 PM coreboot Bug #32 (Closed): [Haswell/Broadwell] LPC power optimizer RCBA instructions break eDP display with Intel VBIOS
Patch is merged. Closing the issue. Martin Roth


04:28 AM coreboot Bug #41 (Closed): [Geode][LX] Zero-address accesses results in UD2
closing as fixed. Martin Roth
04:26 AM coreboot Bug #40 (Closed): The IASL update to 20160318 generates wrong bytecode on samsung/lumpy
closing as fixed. Martin Roth

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