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09:56 PM lava Bug #181 (Response Needed): create a lava job with linuxboot + write to hdd image
the lava job should look like:
* deploy: coreboot+linux GOLD
* minimal boot:
* wget image + image.sha256
* sh...
Alexander Couzens
09:52 PM lava Bug #180 (New): create a gold version of (coreboot + linuxboot)
The gold version is a known good version of coreboot + linuxboot which works for a specific version.
We would like t...
Alexander Couzens
04:16 PM lava Bug #64 (Closed): email setup broken
it can now send emails. Alexander Couzens
03:41 PM lava Bug #63 (Closed): x60 offline
works again! Alexander Couzens


01:00 PM coreboot Feature #108 (In Progress): thinkpad x1 carbon gen 1 remaining tasks
Alexander Couzens


10:32 AM coreboot Bug #147 (Feedback): Backlight level setting is not restored when the display wakes up from sleep on ThinkPad X230
Hi Tobias,
Hi Warrick,
thanks for your bug report.
This bug has been fixed in
Alexander Couzens
09:54 AM coreboot Bug #167: X201 restarts rather than waking up
@Stefan Ott: Which serial power do you enabled? In coreboot or/and in seabios? we should exclude then from all target... Alexander Couzens
09:52 AM coreboot Bug #172: Thinkpad X230 consumes about ~40% more battery energy idling with coreboot
can you please add your coreboot config?
I've a disconnected power cable around, where I measure such power d...
Alexander Couzens


04:45 PM coreboot Bug #107 (Closed): X60 / Regression: Trackpoints is broken on current master
Alexander Couzens


06:39 AM coreboot Bug #110 (Resolved): x220: regression on some memory modules between 4.4 - 4.5
Alexander Couzens

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