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# Project Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Updated
509 coreboot Bug New Normal chipset configuration SD Card hotplug not working on Apollo Lake 09/27/2023 01:24 AM Actions
508 coreboot Bug New Normal Dojo fails to boot from NVMe with CONFIG_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN enabled Nico Huber 09/22/2023 04:19 AM Actions
507 coreboot Bug New Normal Windows GPU driver fails to load on AMD based google/guybrush, google/skyrim boards 08/30/2023 08:08 PM Actions
506 coreboot Bug New Normal Apollolake/Geminilake boards fail to boot OS when CPU microcode included "from tree" 08/30/2023 07:56 PM Actions
505 coreboot Bug New Low board support Intel Harcuvar CRB Denverton_NS С3000. Only 15 cores of a 16 core processor is defined in the operating system. Dmitry Ponamorev 09/15/2023 03:18 PM Actions
504 flashrom Bug New Normal MingW meson build is broken with pre-2019 libraries Peter Marheine 09/05/2023 02:06 AM Actions
503 flashrom Documentation In Progress Normal Feedback on "new" documentation website <> Anastasia Klimchuk 09/08/2023 02:37 PM Actions
502 flashrom Bug New Normal Erase and Write problem with a SST25VF512. Anastasia Klimchuk 09/23/2023 11:04 AM Actions
501 coreboot Support New Low chipset configuration Adding Hybrid GPU mode to my Clevo PC70HR (System76 Oryp 8) 07/31/2023 06:21 AM Actions
500 coreboot Feature New Normal coreboot common code coreboot bootsplash only supports jpeg and does not support extended resolutions 07/14/2023 04:38 PM Actions
499 coreboot Bug New Normal coreboot will not boot edk2 on Lenovo T440p with CONFIG_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN enabled, cannot disable this setting during build Nico Huber 07/07/2023 01:43 PM Actions
498 flashrom Bug New Normal Programmer DediProg SF600Plus unable to flash W25Q512JV chip Anastasia Klimchuk 09/23/2023 11:01 AM Actions
497 playground Bug New Normal coreboot 4.21 release schedule 07/10/2023 03:35 AM Actions
496 coreboot Bug New Normal Payloads Missing malloc check in libpayload 08/14/2023 06:50 PM Actions
495 coreboot Bug In Progress High chipset configuration Stoney chromebooks not booting PSPSecureOS -- Graphics driver takes 30 minutes to start 08/14/2023 07:06 PM Actions
494 flashrom Bug New Normal Error during flashing (Enabled erase path optimisation) Anastasia Klimchuk 09/22/2023 08:11 AM Actions
492 coreboot Other New Normal coreboot common code Evaluate changes which need to be made to support Intel's X86S ISA changes 05/28/2023 05:26 PM Actions
491 flashrom Feature New Normal spi nand support 05/25/2023 11:26 PM Actions
490 coreboot Cleanup New Normal Verify copyrights on files with BSD, X11, MIT, HPND, and ISC licenses 05/20/2023 10:37 PM Actions
485 coreboot Feature New Immediate Request for Support for Intel Xeon 1700 D Processor Family in Coreboot(Ice Lake) Rajat Dongre 04/27/2023 11:30 PM Actions
484 coreboot Bug New Normal Payloads No USB keyboard support with secondary payloads coreinfo, nvramcui, tint and probably others as well 05/09/2023 09:53 AM Actions
480 coreboot Cleanup New Normal amd/common/acpi/gpio_bank_lib.asl: IASL remarks: Creation of named objects within a method is highly inefficient, use globals or method local variables instead 05/08/2023 07:05 PM Actions
479 coreboot Other New Normal [legal] ISC License copyright violation in ubsan 05/20/2023 02:54 AM Actions
478 coreboot Bug New Normal X200 booting Linux takes a long time with TSC (`clocksource=hpet` works) 05/09/2023 10:26 AM Actions
477 coreboot Feature New Normal Excessive Power Draw with USB-PD 03/31/2023 10:38 AM Actions
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