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# Project Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Updated
541 flashrom Feature New Normal Flash chip Adding support for Winbond W25X40CL 05/26/2024 06:16 PM Actions
540 coreboot Feature New Normal board support Support for Lenovo ThinkPad X250 - the competitor to the shortly added HP EliteBook 820 G2 05/23/2024 06:51 AM Actions
539 coreboot Other New Normal board support Add support to motherboard 05/22/2024 02:32 PM Actions
538 coreboot Bug New Normal [Soft Brick] x230 Dock Causes Internal Display to "Permanently" Malfunction 05/22/2024 01:36 AM Actions
536 coreboot Bug In Progress Normal Cannot build coreboot-sdk Martin Roth 05/15/2024 01:12 AM Actions
535 coreboot Bug New Low T420: Power light stays off after reboot 05/01/2024 04:32 AM Actions
534 coreboot Support New Normal Enable Ethernet (LAN) on ADL-P Custom Board 04/08/2024 08:19 AM Actions
532 Infrastructure Bug New Normal Fetchung results in The requested URL returned error: 502 03/11/2024 08:34 AM Actions
531 Infrastructure Bug New Normal returns a 404 03/05/2024 07:33 PM Actions
530 coreboot Bug New Normal infrastructure fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 502 03/04/2024 08:52 AM Actions
529 coreboot Bug New Normal build system `make what-jenkins-does` fails with `go: go.mod file not found in current directory or any parent directory; see 'go help modules'` 03/03/2024 09:59 AM Actions
528 coreboot Bug New Normal Building `emulation/qemu-i440fx` with `CONFIG_CBFS_VERIFICATION=y` fails 03/02/2024 12:20 AM Actions
527 coreboot Bug New Normal build system Can't compile coreboot on Arch Linux 02/24/2024 06:15 PM Actions
526 flashrom Feature New Normal Flash chip Add Support for Macronix MX29LV800CT 02/16/2024 05:13 PM Actions
524 coreboot Bug New Normal `CONFIG_X2APIC_ONLY=y`or `CONFIG_X2APIC_RUNTIME=y` cause Linux in emulation/qemu-i440fx to crash 02/19/2024 09:38 PM Actions
522 coreboot Bug New Normal coreboot common code `region_overlap()` function might not work as expected due to an integer overflow in `region_end()` function. 02/10/2024 09:31 PM Actions
521 coreboot Bug New High board support gizmosphere/gizmo2 development board VGA support not working 12/24/2023 07:50 PM Actions
520 flashrom Bug New Normal Factor out verification from erase path Anastasia Klimchuk 03/24/2024 05:42 AM Actions
519 coreboot Bug New Normal build system make gconfig - could not find glade file 12/07/2023 06:06 PM Actions
518 coreboot Bug New Normal build system make xconfig - g++: fatal error: no input files 12/07/2023 05:25 PM Actions
517 coreboot Bug New High lenovo x230 boot stuck with connected external monitor 12/04/2023 05:36 PM Actions
515 coreboot Support New Normal CONFIG_DRIVERS_PS2_KEYBOARD=y doesn't fixate detected keyboard to AT Translated 2 between cold/warm boot 11/20/2023 07:21 PM Actions
514 coreboot Feature New Normal Determine SMM memory requirements on build time 11/17/2023 11:24 AM Actions
513 coreboot Bug New Low coreboot common code clear_memory() triggers null dereference exception when running coreboot in long (64-bit) mode 11/17/2023 11:15 AM Actions
509 coreboot Bug New Normal chipset configuration SD Card hotplug not working on Apollo Lake 09/27/2023 01:24 AM Actions
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