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# Project Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Updated
474 coreboot Bug New Normal board support X200s crashes after graphic init with 8GB RAM 04/02/2023 03:11 AM Actions
469 Infrastructure Feature New Normal Ticket system Integrate Git repositories into Redmine Felix Singer 03/09/2023 08:08 AM Actions
464 coreboot Support New Normal Writes to AM29LV040B with -p satasii work properly 02/22/2023 08:55 PM Actions
462 coreboot Bug New Normal infrastructure Sandy Bridge Raminit failure, only half of the memory modules initialized. 02/22/2023 10:40 AM Actions
461 coreboot Feature In Progress Normal chipset configuration Replacing Haswell mrc.bin blob with free software Angel Pons 05/23/2024 07:25 AM Actions
460 coreboot Refactoring New Normal Make mainboards using the variant concept 03/09/2023 10:52 AM Actions
459 coreboot Support New Normal coreboot common code Attempt to standardize LB_MEM_RESERVED Tim Wawrzynczak 02/13/2023 06:06 PM Actions
458 coreboot Support New Normal userspace utilities Add support for F71868AD. 02/11/2023 08:01 PM Actions
457 coreboot Bug New Normal Haswell (t440p): CAR memory region should not conflict with CBFS_SIZE > 8mb 02/08/2023 05:32 PM Actions
455 coreboot Bug New Normal userspace utilities superiotool detects Aspeed AST2400 instead of Nuvoton NCT6779D 02/16/2023 11:40 PM Actions
454 flashrom Support New Normal Add support for MX25L8035E 02/07/2023 05:06 PM Actions
453 coreboot Bug New Normal Intel HDMI / DP Audio device not showing up after libgfxinit 02/05/2023 11:43 PM Actions
452 flashrom Cleanup New Normal Build system flashrom - file - update meson_version to >=0.57.0 02/09/2023 04:51 PM Actions
451 coreboot Project ideas New Normal Fix POST code handling 05/08/2023 11:53 AM Actions
450 coreboot Documentation New Normal Port over wiki pages to the new documentation 01/20/2023 03:27 PM Actions
449 coreboot Bug In Progress Normal board support ThinkPad T440p fail to start, continous beeping & LED blinking Angel Pons 02/07/2023 03:25 PM Actions
448 coreboot Bug New Normal Thinkpad T440P ACPI Battery Value Issues 02/23/2023 08:33 PM Actions
446 coreboot Bug New Normal board support Optiplex 9010 No Post 05/23/2023 06:31 PM Actions
444 coreboot Bug New Normal build system Flaky gitconfig tests are breaking builds 11/17/2023 04:35 AM Actions
442 flashrom Support New Normal [$400 Bounty] Add 25N01GVZEIG Winbond WSON 8x6-mm support 05/26/2023 06:25 PM Actions
440 coreboot Bug Response Needed Normal superiotool tells you to run it as root and stops even when ran as root 04/20/2023 10:41 PM Actions
439 coreboot Bug New Normal chipset configuration Lenovo X201 Turbo Boost not working (stuck on 2,4GHz) 11/19/2022 09:15 AM Actions
438 flashrom Bug New Normal Release v1.4 04/30/2023 09:41 AM Actions
437 flashrom Feature New Normal Progress bar 11/01/2022 02:29 PM Actions
435 coreboot Feature New Normal Add the new memtest86+ v6.0 as secondary coreboot payload 02/15/2023 03:33 AM Actions
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