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06:31 AM flashrom Documentation #361: Document realtek_mst_i2c_spi programmer
An item from discussion:
TODO: update the comment on realtek_mst_i2c_spi_toggle_gpio_88_strap
Anastasia Klimchuk
06:30 AM flashrom Documentation #360: Document lspcon_i2c_spi.c programmer
Items TODO from the discussion:
1) update lspcon_i2c_spi_write_aai documentation, why it throws an error straight ...
Anastasia Klimchuk
06:27 AM flashrom Feature #398 (New): Converting lspcon_i2c_spi to opaque master
lspcon_i2c_spi could be an opaque master, instead of spi.
However, this needs to confirmed as of whether it is actua...
Anastasia Klimchuk
06:09 AM flashrom Feature #397 (New): Consolidate usb_device.c / usbdev.c into something more unified
usb_device is only used by raiden debug
usbdev is only used by developer_box
Anastasia Klimchuk
06:08 AM flashrom Feature #396 (New): Upgrade board_enable infra for i2c programmers
Notes from the discussion:
We can try to improve board_enable infra for i2c, and then we can hook i2c programmer.
Anastasia Klimchuk
06:04 AM flashrom Feature #395 (New): Implement allow_brick programmer param for i2c programmers
All i2c drivers make the assumption that the user knows what they are doing. However this could be a dangerous assump... Anastasia Klimchuk
06:00 AM flashrom Feature #394 (New): raiden_debug_spi: convert init code so that usb vid:pid pair are in the deventry
Convert init code so that usb vid:pid pair are in the deventry.
Basically FIX the FIXME in
Anastasia Klimchuk


11:13 PM flashrom Feature #391: Refactor singleton states into reentrant pattern
I can add more info on some of those:
dummyflasher: needs to migrate shutdown function into master struct(s), glob...
Anastasia Klimchuk


12:25 AM flashrom Bug #366 (Resolved): Possible division by zero for `freq` param in dummyflasher
Resolving since was merged. Anastasia Klimchuk
12:14 AM flashrom Feature #380 (In Progress): tests/lifecycle.c: Split up into compilation units
Anastasia Klimchuk

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