Patrick Rudolph


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/21/2015)
  • lava (Manager, 11/10/2018)


Reported issues: 16


04:47 PM coreboot Bug #22: X230 native raminit failed
More raminit fixes landed in the meantime. Does it still happen?
04:44 PM coreboot Feature #156: [thinkpad] Implement battery recalibration in ACPI
Should be fixed by


09:13 AM coreboot Bug #208: emulation/qemu-armv7: Fails to build a QEMU/ARM
coreinfo is x86 only and is compiled using the i386-gcc.
Trying to use it on arm machine causes this issue.


09:46 AM coreboot Bug #196: KCMA-D8 Slow boot without "USE_OPTION_TABLE" config option
I'd guess a call to get_option() causes the code to take a different path if USE_OPTION_TABLE is disabled.
You could...
09:44 AM coreboot Feature #201 (New): Implement free() in ramstage
At the moment free() is a stub. Every memory allocated is basically "leaked".
Find a good memory allocation implem...
08:56 AM coreboot Feature #200 (New): Copy Paste detector
* Find a good CPD
* Scan added files for copy pasted code
* Integrate into CI
* Make Jenkins add Warnings if copy ...
08:53 AM coreboot Feature #186: Nvidia optimus support
Old WIP code:
Skill: Medium
Required knowledge: ACPI, Linux kerne...
08:51 AM coreboot Feature #197: QEMU x86_64 support
* Required knowledge: coreboot, x86, assembly, GCC, ELF, qemu, gdb, ...
* Skill: Hard
08:50 AM coreboot Feature #198: board_status replacement
* Required knowledge: Docker, WEB, ...
08:49 AM coreboot Feature #199 (New): build-test "the Documentation"
* Run make sphinx on regular build
* raise an exception on warning or error
* Post hints in gerrit what should be i...

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