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07:15 PM coreboot Bug #121: T520: Hangs in OS
I compared the vendor ACPI code for T520 and T530:
- The T520 is missing _CST entries, thus the C-states are reporte...
Patrick Rudolph
05:25 PM coreboot Bug #121: T520: Hangs in OS
Does limiting the max C-state in MSR MSR_PKG_CST_CONFIG_CONTROL also work around the issue?
What setting is being us...
Patrick Rudolph


01:49 PM coreboot Bug #401: edk2 hangs indefiniately
Do you have an EDK2 log with DEBUG_CACHE logging enabled? Patrick Rudolph


07:18 AM coreboot Bug #262 (New): Sandy Bridge/IvyBridge: Only advertise supported MWAIT states as ACPI C states
Some CPUs might not support MWAIT(C6)/MWAIT(C7). Don't advertise them as ACPI C3 as not supported. Patrick Rudolph


11:08 AM coreboot Feature #261 (New): [soc/intel] Use a generic vr_config.c
Move vr_config commonly used on recent intel platforms to common folder. Patrick Rudolph
11:07 AM coreboot Bug #259: T440p: Tianocore unable to boot Windows 10 (MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION)
Please attach WinDbg and investiagate what's causing this issue.
Patrick Rudolph


04:11 PM coreboot Bug #254: Trying to compile and run coreboot on qemu-riscv..
It is working on qemu 4.0.
There's an attempt to fix the code made here:
Patrick Rudolph


01:09 PM coreboot Feature #233 (In Progress): Ensure the blobolator works on real hardware
Upstream some patches. 1 is remaining.
Works on X11SSH with FSP.
Patrick Rudolph


03:00 PM coreboot Feature #188 (Resolved): QEMU aarch64 support Patrick Rudolph
10:56 AM coreboot Feature #201 (Resolved): Implement free() in ramstage Patrick Rudolph

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