Patrick Rudolph


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/21/2015)
  • lava (Manager, 11/10/2018)


Reported issues: 19


07:18 AM coreboot Bug #262 (New): Sandy Bridge/IvyBridge: Only advertise supported MWAIT states as ACPI C states
Some CPUs might not support MWAIT(C6)/MWAIT(C7). Don't advertise them as ACPI C3 as not supported.


11:08 AM coreboot Feature #261 (New): [soc/intel] Use a generic vr_config.c
Move vr_config commonly used on recent intel platforms to common folder.
11:07 AM coreboot Bug #259: T440p: Tianocore unable to boot Windows 10 (MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION)
Please attach WinDbg and investiagate what's causing this issue.


04:11 PM coreboot Bug #254: Trying to compile and run coreboot on qemu-riscv..
It is working on qemu 4.0.
There's an attempt to fix the code made here:


01:09 PM coreboot Feature #233 (In Progress): Ensure the blobolator works on real hardware
Upstream some patches. 1 is remaining.
Works on X11SSH with FSP.


03:00 PM coreboot Feature #188 (Resolved): QEMU aarch64 support
10:56 AM coreboot Feature #201 (Resolved): Implement free() in ramstage


08:05 PM coreboot Bug #119 (Closed): Garbled video output in SeaBIOS with native gfx init on Lenovo T520 with Ivy B...
Native gfx init was dropped, thus this bug won't appear in coreboot master any more.
If it happens with libgfxinit t...
08:03 PM coreboot Bug #175: Most USB3 external disk enclosures do not work with coreboot on X230
The RCBA register for USB seems fine, but we don't do that much xhci initialisation in coreboot.
From the error desc...
07:59 PM coreboot Bug #152: Thinkpad x220: express card not recognized unless present at the boot time
The oops seems to be related to the kernel module of the card that's being inserted. I guess the quirk code for "TI X...

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