Arthur Heymans


Reported issues: 1


01:49 PM coreboot Bug #176: src/vendorcode/intel/fsp1_0/ivybridge_i89xx/include/fspapi.h has a proprietary license
This code was dropped from the master branch so this can be closed.


11:29 AM coreboot Bug #169: `cbfstool coreboot.rom compact` moves bootblock
Some cbfsfiles need to be at a fixed offset, others need a certain alignment. `compact` could have some specific use ...


07:56 PM coreboot Bug #167: X201 restarts rather than waking up
SeaBIOS 1.11 with CONFIG_SERCONN is known to break S3.
Could you paste a coreboot log of when coreboot rebooted in...


09:49 AM coreboot Feature #115: Consolidate Intel ICH7..PCH9 PIRQ configuration
Is implemented. Just has to be hooked up: and https://review.corebo...


11:07 PM coreboot Feature #38: tp_smapi support on ThinkPads
Implemented the acpi functions tpacpi-bat uses in This can easily ...
10:43 PM coreboot Bug #150: payloads/external/SeaBIOS/seabios/.config:3:warning: symbol value '' invalid for DEBUG_... should fix it


11:24 AM coreboot Bug #100: romstage only transferred with baud rate 1200 independent from configuration
I think this is fixed now in ?


08:49 AM coreboot Feature #39: Enable OS-level flashing of coreboot for ThinkPad T410/X201
Sometimes whitelist removed modified vendor BIOS don't write protect their bootblock (it is the case on Thinkpad x200...
08:46 AM coreboot Feature #56: 16GB DIMM support on Sandy/Ivy Bridge
This also happens on older controllers (intel 4 series) when unsupported RAM is used. Raminit succeeds because during...
08:38 AM coreboot Feature #74: Lenovo X200 Mute button mutes with the EC, not in software
So do we implement an nvram parameter for this (so it is static and needs a reset/s3 cycle for it to be applied) or a...

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