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11:32 AM coreboot Bug #508: Dojo fails to boot from NVMe with CONFIG_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN enabled
Yu-Ping Wu wrote:
> Similar to #499, after, Dojo fails to boot.
> Disa...
Arthur Heymans


05:32 PM coreboot Bug #457: Haswell (t440p): CAR memory region should not conflict with CBFS_SIZE > 8mb
It is quite hard to relocate a binary (mrc.bin). This was done for the sandybridge using a hexeditor, but that is qui... Arthur Heymans


11:33 AM coreboot Feature #420: Use standard format of TPM event log Implements the TCG one. The coreboot implementation is not a 'propriet... Arthur Heymans


09:32 AM coreboot Bug #401: edk2 hangs indefiniately
Christian Walter wrote in #note-4:
> Is this a problem within coreboot - or do we rather need to fix up EDKII ?
Arthur Heymans


08:32 AM coreboot Bug #392: coreboot 4.17 - SeaBIOS Windows 10 BSOD "ACPI Error"
Can you check if fixes it? Arthur Heymans


01:33 PM coreboot Bug #343: Fails to load GRUB payload: CPU Index 0 - APIC 0 Unexpected Exception:6 @ 10:00009016 - Halting
Bisected. 4ea7bae51f97e49c84dc67ea30b466ca8633b9f6 is the culprit in grub. Arthur Heymans
09:32 AM coreboot Bug #322 (Resolved): Image fails to boot on Thinkpad X201 if built with GCC 11
Fixed by Arthur Heymans


07:54 AM coreboot Bug #322: Image fails to boot on Thinkpad X201 if built with GCC 11
On ironlake (x201) the raminit is broken and more specifically in raminit.c as just replacing raminit.o with one buil... Arthur Heymans


03:15 PM coreboot Bug #321: NVME in X16 port issue
Can you provide a coreboot log: either capture it from serial or try to boot from a different port and use util/cbmem... Arthur Heymans


09:47 AM coreboot Feature #307: Support FMAP in SeaBIOS
Patrick Georgi wrote:
> SeaBIOS requires the CBFS master header to find the start address of the CBFS structure. It ...
Arthur Heymans

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