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08:22 AM coreboot Bug #121: T520: Hangs in OS
I encountered the issue with coreboot 4.14 on a T520 (i5) as well when running a VM using kernel 5.10 on the host. Se... Daniel Kulesz
08:14 AM coreboot Bug #300: Error building coreboot for t440p
Did you try increasing the CBFS size? The default is pretty small and doesn't even fit GRUB.
I recommend trying to...
Daniel Kulesz
08:10 AM coreboot Feature #320 (New): T440p: Does not display fan RPM
With the OEM firmware, the fan RPM are displayed in the `sensors` output in Linux. After flashing coreboot, this valu... Daniel Kulesz
08:09 AM coreboot Bug #310: Coreboot 4.14 fails on a Lenvovo T440p
I can confirm this issue and I can confirm as well that current master works (opposed to 4.14). Daniel Kulesz


05:34 PM coreboot Bug #49: does not check git identity
Thank you for coming back to this. I assume that fixing the first issue would already by sufficient to prevent the fa... Daniel Kulesz


09:25 PM coreboot Bug #107: X60 / Regression: Trackpoints is broken on current master
I must have overlooked this announcement. Enabling the trackpoint via `nvramtool` did the trick - many thanks! Daniel Kulesz
09:12 PM coreboot Feature #38: tp_smapi support on ThinkPads
Adding to that: I flashed the exact same coreboot image from the X200s on the X200, and on the X200 the module still ... Daniel Kulesz
07:09 PM coreboot Feature #38: tp_smapi support on ThinkPads
Are you able to load the tp-smapi module while running coreboot? I noticed, that it loads fine on a X200s while it fa... Daniel Kulesz


01:05 PM coreboot Bug #107 (Closed): X60 / Regression: Trackpoints is broken on current master
It was working in Coreboot 4.5 - please find the logs attached. Daniel Kulesz
01:04 PM coreboot Bug #80: Screen garbled in Seabios, does not boot, Kernel panic (X60)
One more thing I noticed in the VESA "broken" Mode:
If I hit "Esc" in Seabios after cold boot and choose the boot ...
Daniel Kulesz

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