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11:36 AM flashrom Bug #408: flashbuses_to_text() may crash flashrom
Is this what you want? Edward .


04:37 AM flashrom Bug #381 (In Progress): libflashrom API should be versioned before a release
The libflashrom API was never quite finalised and in order to avoid being stuck in the future we should at least add ... Edward .
12:47 AM flashrom Refactoring #380 (Resolved): tests/lifecycle.c: Split up into compilation units
As remarked in
We could get rid of the pre-processor conditionals b...
Edward .


05:01 AM flashrom Support #356: Add GD25Q256D from downstream
According to the follow up comment post-merge:
"Are we sure about this? the datasheet explicitly mentions the sequ...
Edward .
04:54 AM flashrom Feature #375: Check the right chipset is selected for Intel Emmitsburg PCH
Hey David, could you take a look into this please? Edward .

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