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Reported issues: 3


07:11 PM coreboot Bug #172 (New): Thinkpad X230 consumes about ~40% more battery energy idling with coreboot
compared to the stock fw
27bb066b9ede5af0746a879de2b5ac7455891bcf here
seems like i'm not the only one affected: ht...


07:26 PM coreboot Bug #22: X230 native raminit failed
Works on my X230.
06:56 PM coreboot Bug #168 (Feedback): make -j5 is incompatible with SeaBIOS payload
There's a race condition for git repo access:
fatal: Unable to create '/home/l29ah/projects/coreboot-x230/coreboot...


04:56 PM coreboot Bug #112 (New): x201 doesn't work on master (57d912bacc)
At least it won't fire up the lcd backlight or draw anything even with the vgabios, won't run my linux via seabios, y...


06:10 PM coreboot Bug #2: x201: broken on git master
Actually pre-456f495d4e3199146590bcb5cd76e12053c33c9e is troublesome too: sata will misbehave if the laptop is docked...

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