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12:03 AM coreboot Bug #62: Linux kernel versions greater than 4.6 fail to boot when used as payload
Didn't we fix this one, Ron? Stefan Reinauer


11:58 PM coreboot Feature #44 (Closed): Get rid of arch/x86/romcc_console.c
Stefan Reinauer
11:49 PM coreboot Bug #95: Just 10 Cores visible with KFSN4-DRE with 2 HexCores
Florian, can you look into these errors?
APIC delivery error (4).
CPU 0x07 would not start!
Stefan Reinauer
11:33 PM coreboot Bug #118: Kconfig defines symbols with unmet dependencies
We should use standard Kconfig behavior going forward. Stefan Reinauer


05:23 PM coreboot Bug #131 (Resolved): Renaming `__attribute__((packed))` to `__packed` broke coreinfo build
Ah, yes. That is definitely the case. You will have to rebuild (or rather re-install) libpayload, or you will get the... Stefan Reinauer


08:23 PM coreboot Bug #131: Renaming `__attribute__((packed))` to `__packed` broke coreinfo build
Do you have an error message I can look at? I just tried to reproduce the issue, and compiling coreinfo worked fine h... Stefan Reinauer


01:25 AM coreboot Bug #6: channel test fails on a Samsung DDR3L 8G memory with IVB processor
> I did a git bisect and the first bad commit is 9f1fbb9a3002e8d74d53d7973bd1c7e3d4879238.
Did you verify if the p...
Stefan Reinauer


01:02 AM coreboot Bug #2: x201: broken on git master
Alexander Couzens wrote:
> first bad commit: 456f495d4e3199146590bcb5cd76e12053c33c9e.
The commit before works?
Stefan Reinauer

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