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Please disable 'administrator approval' on ticket.coreboot.org

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Please disable this 'administrator approval' on ticket.coreboot.org. It feels like discrimination. Before i have written the first word on ticket.coreboot.org i have to be approved by someone by hand without this person knowing anything from me. I had to wait several days for this approval. Its completely unclear what is been tracked. Have the IP-address used for registration been tracked? Have the used email-address been tracked? E-mail-address-discrimination is illegal in many countries and this is completely breaking the freedom of choice! Username? Choosing (user)names is up to the user and making decision based on what names are 'allowed' to enter a platform is the most racist thing possible.

Conclusion: This 'administrator approval' is sort of discrimination i have not seen for years on free projects! There is no data available at the registration process that could or should be used to decide who is allowed to report a bug in the coreboot project. Please disable this discrimination that is stopping people for days or even forever to report a coreboot issue.


#1 Updated by Patrick Georgi 3 months ago

We remove ~10 spam accounts per week, so I don't think we're going to auto-approve users before there's a solution for that.

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