Patrick Georgi


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/15/2015)


Reported issues: 10


09:21 PM coreboot Feature #202: Some kconfig_lint warnings don't get posted to Gerrit
Right now the jenkins job that returns warnings only runs (and therefore returns) the checkpatch script. I guess we'l...


09:40 PM coreboot Bug #51 (Closed): wiki: mainpage doesn't load the widget for blogs.cb.o
Wiki is deprecated
09:39 PM coreboot Bug #13 (Closed): allow creating new wiki accounts
The wiki is read-only now, documentation happens within coreboot.git/Documentation
09:37 PM coreboot Feature #183 (New): Collection of ideas for GSoC and similar


09:58 AM coreboot Bug #177 (Closed): src/vendorcode/intel/fsp/fsp2_0/cannonlake/MemInfoHob.h has proprietary license


10:48 PM coreboot Bug #173: S3 resume regression with 4.8-1302-gc5ee35ff86
Let's revert it until I can look for a better solution:


05:41 AM coreboot Bug #170 (Resolved): cbfstool fails to export payloads (unknown compression error)


01:29 PM coreboot Bug #161: crossgcc doesn't build for nds32le
I can reproduce the issue inside the cros chroot, but it's also fixed by adding BUILDGCC_OPTIONS=-b, which is what th...


12:56 PM coreboot Bug #140: USB3.0 / USB3.1 boot support
Since USB device support is not a coreboot task but the payloads', that depends a lot on what payload (and therefore ...


05:48 PM coreboot Feature #76 (New): Let abuild work from config files instead of deriving everything by itself
This allows adding multiple build variants for a single board, eg. with/without native video init, fsp1.1/fsp2, ...

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