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05:18 PM coreboot Feature #225 (New): Create a datasheets site
- Secure redistribution rights ideally
- Alternatively build a link farm that redirects to vendor sites. benefit: on...


01:25 PM coreboot Feature #220: Create tooling to regularly ping MAINTAINERS
Could also send a report to the list about parts of the tree that are still missing maintainers, although that's more...
01:23 PM coreboot Feature #220 (New): Create tooling to regularly ping MAINTAINERS
We need to check if maintainers are still up to their task (or lost interest, changed companies, died, ...).
To th...


06:46 PM coreboot Feature #214 (New): Add openlibm to libpayload
Various projects are hampered by the lack of math functions, and seems to be built with portabi...


06:01 PM coreboot Feature #206: Automate FMAP generation
06:00 PM coreboot Feature #213 (New): Have the bug tracker report activity to IRC and the mailing list
This helps make the tracker more visible and therefore useful
05:59 PM coreboot Feature #212 (New): Add more gerrit plugins jenkins integration in gerrit
05:58 PM coreboot Feature #211 (New): Build branches with branch toolchain
Jenkins can only build on master. With 4.11 being a "long-term" maintained release for older boards, we should be abl...
05:56 PM coreboot Feature #210 (New): Improve board-status
It's tedious to use, it has various short-comings, it doesn't store enough signal, it requires stuff that shouldn't b...


02:06 PM coreboot Support #209: Please give me permissions to close issues
Added you to the coreboot project. Better now?

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