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06:48 PM flashrom Support #434: Add Winbond W25Q128FW support
A common issue is that the connectivity to the chip is unstable. If you use wires, then please check that the connect... Felix Singer


09:54 PM flashrom Bug #381: libflashrom API should be versioned before a release
There is a specification for versioning here One implementation could be that we create a separat... Felix Singer
09:41 PM flashrom Feature #375 (Response Needed): Check the right chipset is selected for Intel Emmitsburg PCH
We are not entirely sure what's left to do here. Is it release blocking? Felix Singer
09:19 PM flashrom Bug #374 (Response Needed): -x option filters only spaces when converting region names to file names
We don't understand the issue here. Needs more information. Manpage is also updated. Felix Singer


10:49 PM flashrom Support #371 (Response Needed): Check XMC spi flash chips definitions
Felix Singer
10:48 PM flashrom Support #371: Check XMC spi flash chips definitions
I understand most of the chip definitions are correct. Is anything left to do on the chip definitions for XM25QH256C ... Felix Singer
10:15 PM flashrom Documentation #359 (Response Needed): Document how spireadmode param works in sb600spi
Felix Singer
10:14 PM flashrom Documentation #359: Document how spireadmode param works in sb600spi
in your initial issue list you posted months before on the mailing list, you wrote ...
> 703de983 Added `spir...
Felix Singer
09:54 PM flashrom Support #356 (Feedback): Add GD25Q256D from downstream
Felix Singer
09:44 PM flashrom Bug #438 (New): Release v1.4
Tracking ticket. Felix Singer

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