Sean Rhone


Reported issues: 6


01:26 PM coreboot Bug #221 (New): ASUS KCMA-D8 doesn't POST reliably when CMOS is completely cleared of vendor data
I noticed that if I flash Coreboot, and wipe the CMOS out completely (remove the battery and power for a bit), someti...


06:39 PM coreboot Bug #196 (New): KCMA-D8 Slow boot without "USE_OPTION_TABLE" config option
If I build Coreboot without the "Use CMOS for configuration values" option (USE_OPTION_TABLE), boot is slowed signifi...
06:33 PM coreboot Bug #195 (New): KCMA-D8 "ACPI_BIOS_ERROR" BSoD Windows 10 installer
This seems specific to the KCMA-D8 or something related to it; I was able to boot the same W10 installer on a Lenovo ...


08:44 PM coreboot Bug #193 (New): KCMA-D8 do_IRQ no handlers for vector
When booting Linux, I get the following errors on-screen and in dmesg:
[ 0.348139] x86: Booting SMP config...
08:40 PM coreboot Bug #192 (New): KCMA-D8 iommu INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST events
In dmesg, I get the following iommu event logs about INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST:
[ 3.651111] iommu ivhd0: Even...


10:08 AM coreboot Bug #190 (New): KCMA-D8 RAM incompatiblity that varies between Coreboot and Libreboot
Hynix HMT151R7BFR4C-H9 RAM sticks don't seem to work with Coreboot at all (1, 2, 4 sticks in most slots), from the 4....

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