Bug #196

KCMA-D8 Slow boot without "USE_OPTION_TABLE" config option

Added by Sean Rhone over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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If I build Coreboot without the "Use CMOS for configuration values" option (USE_OPTION_TABLE), boot is slowed significantly I believe after the SeaBIOS payload boots a device (specifically a SSD with Linux). I believe the boot speed is tied to the amount of RAM, but I'm not 100% on this (it seemed like it took longer when I went from 8GB to 16GB RAM).

With the issue at https://ticket.coreboot.org/issues/193, the slow-down happens before those do_IRQ errors are shown on-screen.

If I enable the option (and STATIC_OPTION_TABLE as well, but I'm not certain if it's related), the boot is fast.


#1 Updated by Patrick Rudolph over 1 year ago

I'd guess a call to get_option() causes the code to take a different path if USE_OPTION_TABLE is disabled.
You could compare the default if get_option() failed with the default in cmos.default.

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