Bug #173

S3 resume regression with 4.8-1302-gc5ee35ff86

Added by Jean Lucas about 1 year ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Commit c5ee35ff861fe4447fd80119f645fba7bfd3a184 (drivers/spi/spi_flash: don't allocate unbounded stack memory) from HEAD (CommitDate: Thu Aug 23 02:46:37 2018 +0000) results in a S3 resume regression whereby the system resets on resume, on both an Acer C720, and a Dell Inspiron 600s. Both systems use SeaBIOS master, commit 7961917493baedb0aafd41d88029ed610d0c433f (CommitDate: Thu Aug 23 10:23:21 2018 -0400) with default options, built for coreboot, and using coreboot linear framebuffer.


#1 Updated by Patrick Georgi about 1 year ago

Let's revert it until I can look for a better solution:


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The commit was reverted.

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