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08:26 PM coreboot Bug #173 (Resolved): S3 resume regression with 4.8-1302-gc5ee35ff86
Commit c5ee35ff861fe4447fd80119f645fba7bfd3a184 (drivers/spi/spi_flash: don't allocate unbounded stack memory) from H...


05:04 AM coreboot Bug #61: Bluetooth light on X200
Nico Huber wrote:
> #73 is possibly a duplicate of this.
> Can you check if the nvram option `uwb` has any infl...


06:41 AM coreboot Bug #61 (Response Needed): Bluetooth light on X200
On a ThinkPad X200, with coreboot revision 4.4-910-g168eb6a, the Bluetooth light has never turned on, despite active ...

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