Bug #166

UEFI MP Services

Added by Aaron Durbin over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Bug in question on Chrome OS side:
https://issuetracker.google.com/74436746 -- Yes, I know this is only viewable by Google partners. Filed March 9th.

While meeting w/ intel folks they really want to do MP init in FSP. I (and others) really don't want to do that. What was floated was having a UEFI MP services module that FSP could utilize. I think this is doable, and we could theoretically utilize this for mp_init currently. Food for thought. Just filing this so we can track it.

Beyond that there's discussion how some patch may have broken WIP on CNL platform. From a technical standpoint the discussion arose from the initial patch implementation submitted. That's pretty much the extent.


#1 Updated by Aaron Durbin over 3 years ago

When I wrote 'for mp_init currently' I meant use mp_init as the implementation for the UEFI PPI callbacks. Just wanted to clarify there.

#2 Updated by Idwer Vollering over 3 years ago

Q: why is it a good idea to perform MP init once coreboot/FSP/(firmware) is able to load extensible binaries?

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