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12:47 PM coreboot Feature #108: thinkpad x1 carbon gen 1 remaining tasks
> Use pins to differ 4gb and 8gb (prepare, but missing a model to verify)
So far the pins are not needed to defin...


05:29 PM coreboot Feature #108 (In Progress): thinkpad x1 carbon gen 1 remaining tasks
* ~~SPD based on inteltool for elpida~~
* ~~missing samsung memory (missing a model or find spd data in uefi)~~


01:06 AM coreboot Feature #74: Lenovo X200 Mute button mutes with the EC, not in software
The behaviour should be configurable. There are 2 bits reserved to configure this behaviour.
See bit 5-6 (count from...


05:38 PM coreboot Bug #2 (Closed): x201: broken on git master
fixed by https://review.coreboot.org/#/c/16939/


12:44 AM lava Bug #64 (Closed): email setup broken
the lava server can not sent atm any mail.
the correct mail from would be coreboot-lava@fe80.eu
12:44 AM lava Bug #63 (Closed): x60 offline
the x60 is offline until a new serial rs232 <> 12V arrives.


08:57 AM coreboot Bug #37: x220/native graphics: after some time the display shows only a one color blur image.
could this a problem of power save features?


11:54 PM coreboot Bug #23: x60: stacktraces in dmesg and window scrambling with coreboot and linux 4.3.0
could you test what happens if you're using the vgabios blob from intel in combination with coreboot?


08:39 AM coreboot Feature #7: gnawty support based on acer cb3-111
linux is now booting.

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