Werner Zeh


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 04/11/2016)


Reported issues: 3


04:49 AM coreboot Feature #109 (New): ACPI version 5.0 compatibility
This "feature" is added here just to keep things in mind.
Currently the coreboot ACPI FADT structure is compliant ...


04:31 AM coreboot Bug #60 (Resolved): fmaptool: Not able to handle upper case alphabetic hex digits
If upper case hex digits are used in a .fmd file, fmaptool will end up with an error while creating .fmap file.


06:11 AM coreboot Bug #26 (Rejected): cbfstool do not add compression attribute to ramstage
Even if the ramstage is compressed and cbfstool add-stage is called with -c LZMA,
no compression attribute will be ...


02:05 PM coreboot Bug #25: Alignments greater than fmap size fail on x86
I have tried to address this issue in this patch: https://review.coreboot.org/#/c/13417

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