Aamir Bohra


Reported issues: 4


07:05 AM coreboot Bug #251 (New): Add SD card detect GPIO in jslrvp devicetree
The SD card detect GPIO currently needs to be added once the jsl gpio driver code is merged.
This bug tracks its imp...


05:46 AM coreboot Bug #249 (New): Clean up jasperlake_rvp devictree
Current jasperlake_rvp mainboard CL: https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/37557 is based on copy from icelake_rvp...


10:27 AM coreboot Bug #246 (New): Remove Jasperlake Preprod device IDs when Jasperlake Production SKU is available
Initial Jasperlake develeopement code is adding Jasperlake Pre-Production SKU device IDs.
Once the production SOC SK...


09:38 AM coreboot Support #222 (New): Include FSP stack and heap allocation requirement in FSP intergration guide
Newer CML FSP releases enable support for using the same stack as the bootloader.
And do not relocate the stack poin...

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