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10:52 AM coreboot Refactoring #460: Make mainboards using the variant concept
akjuxr3 akjuxr3 wrote in #note-5:
> > The xNx naming scheme also doesn't work in the general case.
> I know. I...
Angel Pons


10:04 PM coreboot Bug #455: superiotool detects Aspeed AST2400 instead of Nuvoton NCT6779D
Have you tried running `sudo superiotool -d`? This should show the register dump for the Nuvoton Super I/O on your bo... Angel Pons
03:25 PM coreboot Bug #449: ThinkPad T440p fail to start, continous beeping & LED blinking fixes the UBSAN errors, please review. Note that UBSAN-enabled coreboot still dies ... Angel Pons


09:53 PM coreboot Bug #449 (In Progress): ThinkPad T440p fail to start, continous beeping & LED blinking
Looks like coreboot dies because UBSAN encounters a bug. Please disable UBSAN and try again. Note that things like AS... Angel Pons


06:25 PM flashrom Bug #390: Libflashrom progress goes backwards for erase and write operations
Regarding the "procrastination" term, it feels unnecessarily loaded. While it made sense to put this on hold because ... Angel Pons


12:00 PM coreboot Bug #432: t440p reboots on suspend
Yes, it's definitely an osboot problem... Please report the issue to osboot folks, and point them to this ticket.
Angel Pons
09:15 AM coreboot Bug #432: t440p reboots on suspend
*sigh* where is the "Edit" button?
Looks like the issue happens because something is messed up with the "ROM size"...
Angel Pons
09:14 AM coreboot Bug #432: t440p reboots on suspend
Hmmm, looks like the issue happens because the MRC cache Angel Pons
09:10 AM coreboot Bug #432 (Response Needed): t440p reboots on suspend
Hi, osboot is not the same as coreboot. Have you asked the people responsible for osboot to provide support?
It wo...
Angel Pons


11:22 AM flashrom Documentation #361: Document realtek_mst_i2c_spi programmer
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Some thoughts on this:
Peter Marheine wrote in #note-1:
> > No probing, starts by togg...
Angel Pons

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