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  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/16/2015)


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08:36 PM coreboot Feature #236 (New): Automatically run the blobolator for a series of blob configurations
To further analyse what a blob does, it can be very helpful to make it visible how it reacts to different settings. F...
08:30 PM coreboot Feature #235 (New): Enhance trace analysis for the blobolator
Hardware access often follows patterns. These can be abstracted to higher level "commands".
The most simple exampl...
08:18 PM coreboot Feature #234 (New): Implement filtering in the blobolator
Blobs often do much wrong. The blobolator should be able to restrict access to certain hardware or to filter access t...
08:15 PM coreboot Feature #233 (New): Ensure the blobolator works on real hardware
Currently, the blobolator is only confirmed to work with a Qemu port.
08:13 PM coreboot Feature #232 (New): Enhance the blobolator
The blobolator runs coreboot stages live in an integrated emulator. This can be helpful to debug, trace, and fix bugs...
08:06 PM coreboot Feature #231 (New): Implement a test framework for resource allocators
Implement a framework that can run coreboot's resource allocator in a user-space program. Real-world test data can be...
08:04 PM coreboot Feature #230 (New): Implement a validator for resource allocations
Implement a program that checks given resource allocations for soundness (e.g. alignment restrictions, no overlaps, h...
08:02 PM coreboot Feature #229 (New): Gather requirements for a (PCI) resource allocator
For most of current coreboot ports, this should be covered by the requirements of PCI.
07:59 PM coreboot Feature #228 (New): Implement a proper (PCI) resource allocator
coreboot's current resource allocator lacks features (e.g. 64-bit BAR support) and has some unfeatures (e.g. unnecess...


01:45 PM coreboot Bug #121: T520: Hangs in OS
AFAIK, `intel_idle` and ACPI `processor` are two independent drivers. Does this mean you tested both? if not, please ...

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