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11:53 AM coreboot Bug #415: RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_TOP_DOWN breaks booting
It turned out that there are a lot of platforms in the tree that still don't report their fixed resources correctly. ... Nico Huber


02:31 PM coreboot Bug #412: x230 reboots on suspend
[ERROR] SF size 0xc00000 does not correspond to CONFIG_ROM_SIZE 0x400000!!
`CONFIG_ROM_SIZE` needs to cov...
Nico Huber


10:55 PM flashrom Other #402: Testing of FM25Q chip series
Samantaz Fox wrote in #note-2:
> > ```
> > The address is automatically incremented to the next higher address afte...
Nico Huber
08:48 AM flashrom Other #402: Testing of FM25Q chip series
Just a quick note: SPI25 flashes have no means to report any success or failure of a read command. The whole transact... Nico Huber


09:21 PM coreboot Bug #343: Fails to load GRUB payload: CPU Index 0 - APIC 0 Unexpected Exception:6 @ 10:00009016 - Halting
I think this is related:
Nico Huber


01:29 PM flashrom Bug #366 (Closed): Possible division by zero for `freq` param in dummyflasher
Confirmed, providing `freq=0` exits gracefully now. Nico Huber
01:15 PM flashrom Bug #365 (Closed): Variable size in dummy programmer
Confirmed building with `CONFIG_DUMMY=no` works again, testet write and verify for `VARIABLE_SIZE` chip, code in prob... Nico Huber
12:40 PM flashrom Feature #357 (Resolved): Add Spansion S25FL512S
Patches are merged, let's see if we can find somebody to test. Nico Huber
12:29 PM flashrom Feature #355: Querying functions with meson integration
No response on Gerrit for years, no response on the mailing list for one month. Should we drop it and re-implement wh... Nico Huber
12:26 PM flashrom Feature #362 (Closed): Verify block erasers are not missing for W25Q256.W
Linked patches are merged, W25Q256J[VW] got block erasers added. Nico Huber

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