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01:41 PM flashrom Feature #357 (In Progress): Add Spansion S25FL512S
It turned out that the flash chip entry missed to advertise the extended-address register (EAR) because support for t... Nico Huber


11:12 PM flashrom Feature #355 (Response Needed): Querying functions with meson integration
Nico Huber
01:28 PM flashrom Bug #367 (In Progress): Fix libpci usage
Nico Huber
01:27 PM flashrom Feature #362 (In Progress): Verify block erasers are not missing for W25Q256.W
Nico Huber


11:57 PM flashrom Bug #367: Fix libpci usage
Possible solution: Nico Huber
06:40 PM flashrom Bug #384: Error accessing ICH RCRB
Hi, mmap issues are covered by our FAQ[1]. Hope that helps.
Nico Huber
11:51 AM flashrom Feature #363 (Rejected): Verify block erasers are not missing for Macronix MX25L5121E
Turns out to be a false negative. The chip is a 512 kbit one, not a 512 Mbit one as I expected by its name. Yes, chip... Nico Huber
11:35 AM flashrom Feature #356: Add GD25Q256D from downstream
Nikolai Artemiev wrote in #note-4:
> IIUC, the comment is about whether enter 4BA command is permitted after a WREN ...
Nico Huber


02:55 PM flashrom Feature #372: Support code for per-region file arguments
Had a superficial look:
* manpage: `--include` vs. `--image`
* register_include_arg(): Missing return-value checks ...
Nico Huber


10:42 PM flashrom Feature #375: Check the right chipset is selected for Intel Emmitsburg PCH
What was mentioned in the review already, compared to Lewisburg:
* The missing FREG registers were added.
* Softwar...
Nico Huber

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