Bug #66

rmodule_copy_payload() does not initialize unused memory

Added by Trammell Hudson over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:08/16/2016
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Aaron Durbin% Done:


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If module->payload_size != rmodule_memory_size(module), the excess memory remains uninitialized in rmodule_copy_payload(). This prevents reproducible TPM measurements of the unpacked modules and could possibly lead to runtime bugs or security vulnerabilities.


#1 Updated by Nico Huber over 4 years ago

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#2 Updated by Aaron Durbin over 4 years ago

What about rmodule_clear_bss() ? I'm confused here. Is this a theoretical issue or a do you have a rmodule where things aren't cleared?

payload_size is the on-disk usage while rmodule_memory_size is the full program (including bss).

#3 Updated by Aaron Durbin over 4 years ago

This is from rmodule_load():

------- * In order to load the module at a given address, the following steps
------- * take place:
------- * 1. Copy payload to base address.
------- * 2. Adjust relocations within the module to new base address.
------- * 3. Clear the bss segment last since the relocations live where
------- * the bss is. If an rmodule is being loaded from its load
------- * address the relocations need to be processed before the bss.
------- */
-------module->location = base;
-------if (rmodule_relocate(module))
------->-------return -1;

You want to verify the contents of the on-disk piece? I'm confused when/where you are trying to do measurements. It seems like you are doing it at the wrong place. There's not much information to go on here w.r.t. the original report.

#4 Updated by Trammell Hudson over 4 years ago

I'm not sure about module_clear_bss() and will need to look into it. Right now I'm doing the measurement in cbfs_load_and_decompress().

The one module that shows the problem is the SMM code. However, I note that cbfs_prog_stage_load() appears to memset() the extra memory, so perhaps I need to relocate my measurement.

#5 Updated by Aaron Durbin over 4 years ago

You are making your measurement at the wrong place for the rmodules. You need to hook into the full loading path for each type of thing loaded. prog_segment_loaded(..., SEG_FINAL) are the final contents including memory location and size. You could certainly hook into that in some form. That would give you a better view of the contents of memory.

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