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Request for Support for Intel Xeon 1700 D Processor Family in Coreboot(Ice Lake)

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I am writing this email to request support for the Intel Xeon 1700 D processor family (Ice Lake) in Coreboot. As you may be aware, the support for the IceLake SOC has been removed, and I am using a processor from the same family.

I would appreciate any help or guidance on how to bring up my processor using Coreboot. I have been using Coreboot for some time and am familiar with its functionalities, but I am facing difficulties with the processor mentioned above. and Can I used to older version of coreboot where you give support for the Ice lake but the Intel Xeon 1700 D processor family launch in Dec 2022. so I have doubt I will work for this SOC as the Icelake is not updated from last 4 years in coreboot.

I would be grateful if you could provide any relevant documentation, code, or instructions to help me with my request. I believe that my request will not only benefit me but also other members of the community who are facing similar challenges.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Sorry to disappoint, but Ice Lake D and Ice Lake are two different things. They probably share the name because their processor cores share the microarchitecture. But for coreboot support, all the things in an SoC around the processor cores matter more. So I guess you'd need a new platform port and can't build on the (never finished btw.) Ice Lake port.

Due to a lack of public documentation from Intel, a port for Ice Lake D would either need significant analysis and engineering effort, or a blob released by Intel (that they most likely would have to develop first, too) plus additional engineering effort depending on the quality of the blob and its documentation (usually it's virtually non-existent).

Can you tell us if you are working on this as part of a business with contacts to Intel or is it a personal effort?

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Updated by Nico Huber about 1 year ago

I've just learned that there is already a blob by Intel IdavilleFspBinPkg. Compatibility to coreboot seems unknown at this time, though.

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Updated by Michał Żygowski about 1 year ago

As for Ice Lake vs Ice Lake D, see my response on the ML regarding Ice Lake D support and the Ice Lake mobile support that was present in coreboot before:

As Nico said, the lack of public silicon documentation is troublesome for coreboot developers and basically for anyone who tries to write firmware.

However, the necessary FSP is public:
Microcode for Ice Lake D can also be found on
There is some sample code for Idaville/Ice Lake D in slimbootloader:

Given that, you might be able to implement and build something bootable, maybe...

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Updated by Jay Talbott about 1 year ago

As pointed out above, the prior Ice Lake support in coreboot was not for Ice Lake D, was never completed/supported, and was eventually removed from coreboot.

There never has been support for Ice Lake D (aka Idaville) in coreboot. However, as pointed out above, there is an Idaville FSP available, and there is support for Idaville in Slim Bootloader (SBL).

You have a couple options...

  1. Add support for Idaville to coreboot, and then provide support for your board.
  2. Use SBL instead of coreboot, and just port from the board configuration for the CRB to your board.

The former would be a much greater effort, but would result in a coreboot solution.
The latter would be far less work, but would result in an SBL solution instead of a coreboot solution.

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