Feature #294

Feature #290: Use clang-format for the entire tree

clang-format doesn't support wrapping single-statement conditional blocks in braces

Added by Patrick Georgi 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:02/18/2021
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We want to normalize our code towards using braces for code blocks even where they're not strictly necessary in the standard (e.g. if (a) b; -> if (a) { b }, with proper newlines). clang-format doesn't support changing anything about this style at this time.


#1 Updated by Paul Menzel 8 months ago

Also, in the case of https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/50853/comment/8602e07a_f58119a3/, the braces are required by the coding style, as the other branches have braces.

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