Bug #161

crossgcc doesn't build for nds32le

Added by Julius Werner over 2 years ago. Updated 13 days ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:03/19/2018
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Every time I try to 'make crossgcc' from ToT coreboot I get a build error for the nds32le GCC. This may be dependent on the environment, but I'm running in a normal Chromium OS SDK chroot, we should probably make sure it at least works there due to the amount of coreboot developers from Chromium OS. Full build log with the error attached, this was done in a coreboot checkout from fd228e979.

nds32le-elf-GCC.build.log Magnifier (642 KB) Julius Werner, 03/19/2018 06:42 PM


#1 Updated by Patrick Georgi over 2 years ago

I can reproduce the issue inside the cros chroot, but it's also fixed by adding BUILDGCC_OPTIONS=-b, which is what the coreboot-sdk ebuild does, too.

That makes it first build a bootstrap compiler (which is much more modern than good^Wbad old 4.9.2). Not sure what a proper resolution here is, make -b the default for the targets in util/crossgcc/Makefile to ensure that ancient host compilers don't pose a problem?

#2 Updated by Patrick Georgi 13 days ago

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The issue was with Chrome OS' build environment and the compiler there is now new enough to successfully build the cross compiler even without cross compiling.

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