Mike Banon


  • coreboot (Developer, Reporter, 06/25/2019)


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08:30 AM coreboot Bug #284 (In Progress): lenovo/g505s: no IOMMU while using CONFIG_SECURITY_CLEAR_DRAM_ON_REGULAR_...


01:35 PM coreboot Bug #284: lenovo/g505s: no IOMMU while using CONFIG_SECURITY_CLEAR_DRAM_ON_REGULAR_BOOT
Similar to https://ticket.coreboot.org/issues/283 , it's not a yabel's fault - instead, CONFIG_SECURITY_CLEAR_DRAM_ON...
09:18 AM coreboot Bug #283: Low uptime while using YABEL on g505s
Both JDC_SUS_RLS and JDC_SEC_RLS have a YABEL enabled. If you'd compare their configs with a kdiff3 or meld, the only...


08:21 AM coreboot Bug #247 (Resolved): Apparently g505s support is broken
Indeed, there was a small period of time at early December where I also experienced this problem, but it has been res...

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