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Implement a proper (PCI) resource allocator

Added by Nico Huber 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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coreboot's current resource allocator lacks features (e.g. 64-bit BAR support) and has some unfeatures (e.g. unnecessarily restricts i/o resources, so we have to assign super-i/o manually). It seems that the many attempts to add 64-bit support over the past decades and weird, undocumented requirements for hyper-transport and broken devicetrees have run the current implementation into a dead end. As long as we have boards with unknown requirements in the tree, it seems best to add a new allocator as an alternative alongside the current one. New boards could then benefit from new features.


Feature #229: Gather requirements for a (PCI) resource allocatorNew

Feature #230: Implement a validator for resource allocationsNew

Feature #231: Implement a test framework for resource allocatorsNew


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