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Nvidia optimus support

Added by Patrick Rudolph 10 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:12/08/2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
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  • Implement Nvidia Optimus on a coreboot supported devices
  • Lenovo T410 / T510 ; T420 / T520 /W520; T430 / T530 / T430s / W530
  • Learn about ACPI and AML code
  • Dive into the Linux nouveau driver/bumblebee/vga_switchero
  • Implement ACPI methods to toggle dGPU power in runtime


#1 Updated by Patrick Rudolph 8 months ago

Old WIP code:
* https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/28380
Skill: Medium
Required knowledge: ACPI, Linux kernel, DRM graphics subsystem, VGA handling, Option ROMs, Embedded Controller, GPU power-up sequencing, ...

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