Bug #179

coreboot Makefile breaks when the path to the coreboot directory contains spaces

Added by Felix Held 11 months ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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#1 Updated by HCL technologies 26 days ago

As per our understanding this happens due to the CURDIR in the top level Makefile, which treats space as separator for words.
It reads till the first space in the directory path( First word), does not count the space and shows only the path till the space occurs.

Prior to CURDIR, PWD (used in most shell env) used instead in the Makefile, and later it was changed to CURDIR to make the build system more robust ,as it was not possible to use PWD in every environment.

Therefore, from our perspective we should provide an appropriate error message i.e "Path to the main directory cannot contain spaces" which can point the user for the exact error and stop further execution.

Please refer https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/35434

#2 Updated by HCL technologies 20 days ago

As the possible fix/alternative has been merged as above check-in. We can now change the status of this issue as close.

#3 Updated by Paul Menzel 20 days ago

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