Bug #111

intelmetool: compiler warning

Added by Paul Wise about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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I get a compiler warning when building intelmetool. I'm using GCC 6.3.0-14 from Debian stretch.

cc -O0 -g -Wall -W -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-unused-but-set-variable -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-unused-function -c -o intelmetool.o intelmetool.c
intelmetool.c: In function ‘dump_me_memory’:
intelmetool.c:85:45: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
dump = map_physical_exact((off_t)me_clone, (void *)me_clone, 0x2000000);


#1 Updated by Paul Menzel about 3 years ago

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Thank you for reporting this issue. Please note, that this only manifests itself with 64-bit userspace.

Change Id8d778e97090668ad9308a82b44c6b2b599fd6c3 should fix the problem.

#2 Updated by Paul Wise about 3 years ago

This change looks good to me.

I note that 64-bit PC architectures are more popular than 32-bit these days and some distributions are even planning to drop 32-bit architectures.

#3 Updated by Paul Menzel about 3 years ago

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The change was submitted.

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