Martin Roth


  • coreboot (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 04/11/2016)
  • lava (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/07/2016)


Reported issues: 2


11:38 PM coreboot Support #216 (New): Document the PSP binaries for the blobs repo
The blobs repo requires "A publicly available (published) ABI", but so far this doesn't really exist for AMD's PSP. ...
03:27 PM coreboot Support #215 (New): Document the compressed image for AMD's F17h processors
AMD's Family 17h processors decompress the BIOS image into RAM. Currently we're only compressing the romstage, but e...


06:18 PM coreboot Bug #140 (Resolved): USB3.0 / USB3.1 boot support
This should be fixed with this patch train:
06:13 PM coreboot Bug #150 (Resolved): payloads/external/SeaBIOS/seabios/.config:3:warning: symbol value '' invalid...


03:24 PM coreboot Bug #140: USB3.0 / USB3.1 boot support
I agree that this is a payload issue, but I think we're seeing the same thing, or at least something similar with lib...
03:07 PM coreboot Feature #142: Detect differrent GCC versions
coreboot supports its own toolchain. External toolchains are totally un-reproducible as we have no idea what toolcha...
02:19 PM coreboot Bug #144 (Closed): Unsorted mainboard entries in Kconfig *Mainboard* section
These are the variant boards. The board names are sorted by the directory they're in, then by the order within the K...


04:43 PM coreboot Bug #132 (Resolved): Problem with `lint-stable` when changing mode of file
This was actually a checkpatch error when running the pre-commit githook, but since checkpatch was erroring out, it d...


07:27 PM coreboot Bug #132: Problem with `lint-stable` when changing mode of file
I'll take a look. There aren't any files being changed, so there's no update diff for it to handle. I know this wou...


04:34 PM coreboot Bug #41: [Geode][LX] Zero-address accesses results in UD2
Achille, We believe this should be fixed at this point. Could you verify that?

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