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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
251 coreboot Bug New Normal Add SD card detect GPIO in jslrvp devicetree Aamir Bohra 05/21/2020 07:16 AM Actions
222 coreboot Support New Normal Include FSP stack and heap allocation requirement in FSP intergration guide Aamir Bohra 07/26/2019 09:38 AM Actions
66 coreboot Bug New Normal rmodule_copy_payload() does not initialize unused memory Aaron Durbin 05/16/2017 10:03 PM Actions
7 coreboot Feature In Progress Normal gnawty support based on acer cb3-111 Alexander Couzens 11/24/2015 08:55 PM Actions
14 coreboot Feature New Normal printout lenovo ec power cause register Alexander Couzens 11/28/2015 07:52 PM Actions
108 coreboot Feature In Progress Normal thinkpad x1 carbon gen 1 remaining tasks Alexander Couzens 01/24/2022 07:25 PM Actions
38 coreboot Feature New Normal tp_smapi support on ThinkPads Alexander Couzens 01/02/2018 11:07 PM Actions
295 coreboot Feature New Normal Documentation: include common parts Alexey Vazhnov 03/07/2021 06:28 PM Actions
356 flashrom Feature New Normal Add GD25Q256D from downstream Anastasia Klimchuk 05/22/2022 11:35 AM Actions
366 flashrom Bug New Normal Possible division by zero for `freq` param in dummyflasher Anastasia Klimchuk 05/06/2022 05:51 AM Actions
353 flashrom Feature In Progress Normal Release v1.3 Anastasia Klimchuk 05/22/2022 10:47 PM Actions
380 flashrom Cleanup New Normal tests/lifecycle.c: Split up into compilation units Anastasia Klimchuk 05/13/2022 01:23 AM Actions
365 flashrom Feature New Normal Variable size in dummy programmer Anastasia Klimchuk 05/17/2022 11:43 PM Actions
310 coreboot Bug Response Needed Normal Coreboot 4.14 fails on a Lenvovo T440p Angel Pons 09/04/2021 08:09 AM Actions
259 coreboot Bug New Normal T440p: Tianocore unable to boot Windows 10 (MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION) Angel Pons 02/26/2021 07:57 PM Actions
375 flashrom Feature New Normal Check the right chipset is selected for Intel Emmitsburg PCH David Hendricks 05/20/2022 10:42 PM Actions
372 flashrom Feature New Normal Support code for per-region file arguments David Hendricks 05/21/2022 02:55 PM Actions
359 flashrom Documentation New Normal Document how spireadmode param works in sb600spi Edward . 05/06/2022 04:52 AM Actions
358 flashrom Documentation New Normal Document raiden_debug_spi.c programmer Edward . 05/06/2022 04:50 AM Actions
370 flashrom Feature New Normal Fix sb600spi Edward . 05/06/2022 04:51 AM Actions
364 flashrom Feature New Normal Investigate whether clear_spi_id_cache() needs to be called before probing Edward . 05/06/2022 04:56 AM Actions
381 flashrom Bug New Normal libflashrom API should be versioned before a release Evan Benn 05/13/2022 04:37 AM Actions
279 coreboot Bug New Normal All hp snb_ivb_laptops: Windows 10 & 7 BSOD Iru Cai 10/03/2020 01:11 PM Actions
141 coreboot Bug New Normal GRUB payload hangs in HP Elitebooks Iru Cai 05/15/2020 03:18 PM Actions
215 coreboot Support New Normal Document the compressed image for AMD's F17h processors Marshall Dawson 06/25/2019 03:27 PM Actions
216 coreboot Support New Normal Document the PSP binaries for the blobs repo Marshall Dawson 06/26/2019 04:42 PM Actions
224 coreboot Bug New Normal Remove CONFIG_AMDFW_OUTSIDE_CBFS from Stoney Ridge Marshall Dawson 08/08/2019 08:37 PM Actions
20 coreboot Feature In Progress Normal Add make target to check if toolchain is up to date Martin Roth 01/07/2016 06:26 PM Actions
118 coreboot Bug New Normal Kconfig defines symbols with unmet dependencies Martin Roth 08/22/2017 03:11 PM Actions
120 coreboot Bug New Normal kconfig_lint: False positives about duplicate choice symbols Martin Roth 08/21/2017 11:30 PM Actions
76 coreboot Feature New Normal Let abuild work from config files instead of deriving everything by itself Martin Roth 09/27/2016 05:48 PM Actions
312 coreboot Bug In Progress Normal [Tianocore] gcc11: UefiPayloadPkg build fails Matt DeVillier 01/28/2022 04:04 PM Actions
284 coreboot Bug In Progress Normal lenovo/g505s: no IOMMU while using CONFIG_SECURITY_CLEAR_DRAM_ON_REGULAR_BOOT Mike Banon 04/09/2021 08:30 AM Actions
283 coreboot Bug New Normal Low uptime while using YABEL on g505s Mike Banon 10/19/2020 04:05 PM Actions
357 flashrom Feature In Progress Normal Add Spansion S25FL512S Nico Huber 05/24/2022 01:41 PM Actions
367 flashrom Bug In Progress Normal Fix libpci usage Nico Huber 05/23/2022 01:28 PM Actions
287 coreboot Bug New Normal libgfxinit bootsplash.jpg loaded as BGR instead of RGB on Thinkpad x230 Nico Huber 11/09/2020 11:19 AM Actions
355 flashrom Feature Response Needed Normal Querying functions with meson integration Nico Huber 05/23/2022 11:12 PM Actions
288 coreboot Bug New Normal Type mismatch spots found by undefined behavior sanitizer Nico Huber 01/05/2021 05:13 AM Actions
362 flashrom Feature In Progress Normal Verify block erasers are not missing for W25Q256.W Nico Huber 05/23/2022 01:27 PM Actions
368 flashrom Cleanup New Normal Code style review for s25f chips infrastructure Nikolai Artemiev 05/06/2022 07:00 AM Actions
212 coreboot Feature New Normal Add more gerrit plugins Patrick Georgi 06/18/2020 09:00 PM Actions
206 coreboot Feature New Normal Automate FMAP generation Patrick Georgi 06/05/2019 06:01 PM Actions
15 coreboot Bug In Progress Normal board-status uploads incorrect reports if config not found Patrick Georgi 12/18/2015 06:37 PM Actions
211 coreboot Feature New Normal Build branches with branch toolchain Patrick Georgi 06/05/2019 05:59 PM Actions
225 coreboot Feature New Normal Create a datasheets site Patrick Georgi 08/28/2019 05:18 PM Actions
220 coreboot Feature New Normal Create tooling to regularly ping MAINTAINERS Patrick Georgi 07/18/2019 01:26 PM Actions
213 coreboot Feature New Normal Have the bug tracker report activity to IRC and the mailing list Patrick Georgi 06/05/2019 06:00 PM Actions
210 coreboot Feature New Normal Improve board-status Patrick Georgi 06/05/2019 05:59 PM Actions
290 coreboot Feature In Progress Normal Use clang-format for the entire tree Patrick Georgi 02/12/2021 02:21 PM Actions
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