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GA-B75M-D3H: Unstable with external video card

Added by Joe Bliss over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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I posted on IRC a while ago about issues with Coreboot on my GA-B75M-D3H. I was given some suggestions, but wasn’t able to get anything stable. Since then there was an update to the Wiki which notes, “might be unstable with Native Raminit (depends on GPU and PCIe speed)”.

I was hoping I could provide some additional information and see if there is anything I can do to help to get this resolved.

My testing was done on Debian Stretch (Noveau) and Buster (Nvidia). The GTX 1060 doesn’t seem to be supported by Nouveau on either release, so it was not tested with that driver.

In general, the system boots but when I start streaming a video within Firefox ESR or Quantum a single core on the CPU will max out, the video is jumpy (audio is fine), and the system will become unstable. Scrolling is sketchy too. The system becomes usable again once the browser is closed. I assume other video intensive actives would trigger the same issues.

PCI Express x16 Gen3


GeForce 8400 – Nvidia driver (not tested)
GTX 1060 – Nvidia driver (390.42, 384.111, and older)
GTX 1060 – Nvidia driver (PCIe x4 slot)
GTX 760 – Nvidia driver (384.111)
Quadro K5200 – Nvidia driver (384.111)

Appears to be stable

No external video card
GeForce 8400 – Nouveau
GTX 760 – Nouveau
GTX 1060 – Nouveau (not tested)
Quadro K5200 - Nouveau

I’m willing to loan the GTX 1060 to a Siro or another Coreboot developer if it will help. I’m not a programmer myself, however I am familiar with building Coreboot and the flashing process.

Based on my testing it appears to be more related to the driver than the PCIe speed. I don't have any AMD video cards to test.

Thank you for your work on Coreboot.


#1 Updated by Joe Bliss about 2 years ago

Update - Buster started supporting the GTX 1060 on Nouveau. It still had instability with and without firmware-linux-nonfree installed. I purchased an AMD RX 560 and am currently using it without any performance issues.

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