Bug #160

mainboard intel kunimitsu with FSP 2.0

Added by Roman Perepelitsin over 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/14/2018
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Error at build coreboot for kunimitsu mainboard with FSP 2.0 (kabylake FSP).
build/mainboard/intel/kunimitsu/static.c:195:20: error: 'VR_RING' undeclared here (not in a function)
.domain_vr_config[VR_RING] = {
build/mainboard/intel/kunimitsu/static.c:195:20: error: array index in initializer not of integer type

problem in file src/mainboard/intel/kunimitsu/devicetree.cb on section

register "domain_vr_config[VR_RING]" = "{
.vr_config_enable = 1, \

This type - part of enum, that declare in src/soc/intel/skylake/include/soc/vr_config.h for FSP 1.1 and FSP 2.0.
FSP 2.0 implementation don't have this field.

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